Understanding the Self by Santhosh Babu
06 Sep, 2018

4th Sep 2018

Santhosh Babu (Chairman, OD Alternatives) has just completed running the 'Understanding the Self' course as part of The Naropa Fellowship Pre-Term programme, giving the fellows inspiration to look inwards before reaching out to the greater community. As the founder and Managing Director of Organization Development Alternatives Consultants Pvt. Ltd, and author of India’s first book on leadership coaching, Santhosh Babu specialises in developing talent in today’s competitive world. He writes a weekly column in Business Today called “Buddha in the Boardroom”, and over the last 17 years has worked with more than 200 clients and leaders around the world. 

Santhosh is known for his creative and effective communication style, and recent speaking engagements include the Porter Price Event 2014 in Delhi, OPPI (Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers India), the HR Conference 2014, the CII Southern Region HR Conference 2014 and the TIE Annual Conference 2014. In his earlier years, Santhosh worked as a primary school teacher in Bhutan, and was once a traveling backpacker before starting OD Alternatives.

Santhosh is a wonderful addition to the Naropa Fellowship professorial team, and emphases that we should know ourselves before extending ourselves into the world. He also teaches about the importance of solving the conflicts in our mind in order to turn vision into reality. As he states: "Whatever profession and job you do, it has to go with the core values you have.”

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