Terms Entrepreneurship Management Society & Culture Personal Development Communication Skills
Arrival on Campus 1st Sept
Pre- Term Week
3rd Sept to 14th Sept
Orientation Orientation Orientation Orientation Orientation
Naropa Festival
15th Sept- 20 Sept '18
Naropa Festival Naropa Festival Naropa Festival Naropa Festival Naropa Festival
Term 1
21st Sept- 3rd Nov '18 (6 Weeks)
Design Thinking and The Art of Unlearning Management 101 Historic Preservation/History of the Himalayan region Understanding the Self Communication Basics 1 & 2
Disruptive Innovation-BoP Strategy Introduction to Philosophy Leadership and Innovation Language Fundamentals: Conventions
Term 2
4th Nov- 15th Dec '18 (6 Weeks)
Entrepreneurial Thinking - Mindset & Behaviour Crisis Management: Military Perspective Gender Studies Group Dynamics Elements of Writing
Customer Research & Acquisition Marketing Management Behavioural Science Leadership in a new economy Verbal Ability
Term 3
16th Dec- 27th Jan '19 (6 Weeks)
Unlocking an Eco-system Matrix Project Management Application of Economics to Business/Development Economics/ Principles of Economics for Management Business Communication
Communication & Personal Branding Energy and Sustainability Networking For Business- Online and Offline
Term 4
28th Jan- 10th Mar '19 (6 Weeks)
Business Model Generation (Zero to One) Developmental Entrepeurnership Geopolitics and Business Digital Tools for Business Critical Thinking 1 & 2
Idea to MVP - The Sales Way Digital Marketing Business Law Leading an Ent. Organization Online and Offline Marketing
Term 5
11th Mar - 21st April '19 (6 Weeks)
Product Design, Innovation & Delivery Brand Management Built Environment Economics Negotiations and Conflict Visual Thinking and Graphic Design/Story Telling
Investment Design & Scalable Ventures Organizational Behaviour Social Function of Space Digital Marketing Workshop Reading Critically, Writing Responsibly
Term 6
22nd April- 2nd Jun '19 (6 Weeks)
Financial Management & Entrepreneurial Law Cross-Cultural Leadership Responsible Business Research
Social Entrepreneurship Design & Public Sector Frameworks Public Policy and Govt. Dealing Sustainable Development Goals Public speaking: Communicating with Audiences
Term 7
3rd Jun - 14th July '19 (6 Weeks)
Go to market: fellowship turns into a co-working space; Marketing and Selling Strategy Global Development Perspectives Mind of a Leader Public speaking: Presentations
Corporate Law Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business PR and messaging
Term 8
15th July- 25th Aug '19 (6 Weeks)
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Interview Skills
Entrepreneurial Sales Presentation Skills